Moose in the Snow

I took this, and several other photos, of a moose a few years ago at Elkhorn Hot Springs just outside Polaris, MT. We had just pulled in to the pool area parking lot and this moose, and her two calves were just milling about near the pool fence. I got out of the vehicle and started taking pictures, never realizing how close I was getting. All of a sudden my wife starts screaming at me: “Get back in the car, dumbass!” It is the loudest I have ever heard her yell since I’ve known her. I was, admittedly, way too close, especially with calves nearby. I backed up slowly, the moose turned to face me and started in my direction. I hightailed it back to the vehicle just as the moose rounded the pickup truck that had been separating us. To this day, my wife still – rightfully so! – gives me a hard time about being stupid that day. I did get a couple of sweet photos, though.



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