The Cave Wall

In the same cave at Craters of the Moon that I took the photo of The Alien Rock and The Cave Ceiling, I came face to face with an imposing cave wall so full of texture and color that I had no choice put to take three pictures and stitch them together using ON1 Photo Raw 2018. Imposing doesn’t even do it justice. It was massive – by my estimate 45 to 50 feet tall, and so packed with detail, color, and erratic movement that I just stood there in awe before I finally got my camera out and started taking pictures. I hope the resulting photo gives you a sense of what I felt; standing in an extinct lava tube whose ceiling had collapsed in spots enough to allow the natural light to filter across the face of the cave wall, it is hard to convey the insignificance of self that washes over you as you fall under the spell of the beauty you are experiencing.

I have a lot more pictures of Craters of the Moon that I am still editing, so stay tuned. Better yet, subscribe and get an email every time I update the blog. Thanks for viewing!

The Cave Wall at Craters of the Moon [2659x4209][OC]



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